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We invent, create & develop sustainable and affordable technology in energy domain


InnoRzy is a novel limitless renewable energy source which is easily convertible to other forms of useable energy. It is a low cost energy, modular and portable in design which can be installed at user end.



A paradigm shift in conventional mobility systems to introduce very high efficiencies featuring :

  • Driving systems with low power requirement.
  • Drive trains designed to reduce friction losses.
  • Innovative suspension systems.



Technology for low cost Green Hydrogen generation by electrolysis process employing alternate energy as only power source.

  • A Green Solution to combustion fuel.
  • Higher efficiency and low footprint system.
  • This technology enables bulk production of green hydrogen.

electrical 2

Electric Power

Decentralized Power Generation System.

  • Suitable for installation at distributed electrical sub-stations.
  • Suitable for captive power plant – for new and revamp.
  • Modular design suitable for scale up.

rotary 2

Mechanical Power

Substitution for legacy drive systems which are used to drive mechanical rotary loads.

  • Innovative drive systems with very low power requirement.
  • A paradigm shift in bearing design to support load shafts.
  • Innovative seal systems to support high pressure applications.

heat 2

Heat Transfer

High efficiency heat transfer mechanisms.

  • Systems involving high velocity, high energy fluid at very low operating cost.
  • Innovative heating media to increase heat transfer efficiency.
  • Technology for replacement of thermal oil and steam for heat transfer applications.

What Drives Us

Contribute towards a cleaner and greener earth.

Lead the energy transition by innovating on breakthrough technology solutions.

Collaborate and accelerate energy solutions to align with sustainable development goals globally.

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Fusing Innovation and Environment