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What we Do

Develop and deliver technology solutions to leverage innovation towards reducing fossil fuel combustion involved in Power, Mechanical, Automotive Industries. Technologies featuring fuel resilient, fuel efficient and ultra-low emissions empowers most pressing challenges in economic manner.
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Electric Power

Innovima provides fuel resilient, power flexible, ultra-low emission technology solutions for electric power generations consuming ultra-low fuel.

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Rotary Power

Low energy technology solution to generate rotational speed which act as a source for prime movers for driving pumps, compressors, mills, conveyors and other rotating equipment’s.

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Heat Transfer

Technology products ensuring drastic reduction in Fossil Fuel consumption, minimal emissions and very low footprint In Direct and Indirect Heat Applications.

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High quality steam generations using Innovima’s Advanced Systems suitable for Direct steam use in process plant applications.

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Water reclamation from Effluent for process reuse for Zero Liquid Discharge AND Desalination Systems With solid by product sequestering and ZLD to the Sea

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Automotive Power

Automotive power system for Inland, Marine and Aviation applications achieving ultra-low fuel consumptions and ultra-low emissions.

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Our Objective

To reduce consumption of fossil fuel and surface water by providing Clean, Sustainable, Reclaimable and Environment Protective Technology Solutions to process industries, commercials and society as whole.

Fusing Innovation and Environment